Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sheep Hill - The Gathering and Hill Caa

Photographing the Sheep Hill event twice a year for 10 years...
It is good that I can still find new images.
Like the ones above.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Enjoying being Home. Island Living

Autumn Colour

The World Traveler enjoying being home for the week.

The Light.
clouds opened, small patches of light moved across the landscape.


New wire bird made while out walking. Found some old fence wire on the ground.
No tools just used my hands and stuck in a post. Sort of looks like a Bee-eater.
A few wire birds can be seen around Fair Isle now. Good fun.

Henry's picture. Rock Face


Just a plain Grasshopper Warbler causing a fuss near the Haa.

darn cats!

Walking on the South Harbour beach

The Eye of Flotsam Jetsam

Beachcomber and Photographer

Spiny Starfish


Such a Star!


Feet of a dead Slavonian Grebe

Some Aurora

The South of Fair Isle from a Plane.

Spotlight on Sheep Rock.

Happy to be Home.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Random things that make you want to live on Fair Isle

Home - The Auld Haa House

The view and Jimmy's Sheep

My Son



Risso Dolphins fins seen from my window.

The Light

The open spaces

Bones and beachcombing

 Moments of extreme awesomeness

Watching the sunset and letting things go.

Friday, August 18, 2017

It's Time to Say Goodbye to the Puffins

I felt lucky to take this Photo today,
or even see a Puffin this late in August.

I have been in the States for the past 2 weeks, and thought the Puffins would be gone before I got back. But today huge numbers were flying around the northern cliffs below the South Lighthouse. Fabulous sight to remember until Spring. I am enjoying being back on Fair Isle and it is always nice to get out for a walk with my camera and my friend Graham.


last taste of dirt for awhile....

A stunning landscape like this is hard to leave.

Wheatear on my Wire Bird Sculpture 

My Wire Bird Sculpture stuck in a post along the north lighthouse road.

Goose Barnacles

Beach Bones

Sheep Rock

Love Fair Isle

Goodbye Puffins! Be careful this Winter out at Sea...