Sunday, April 14, 2019

Puffins & Lambs - It's that time of Year!

Hello! We're back! 
Did you miss me?

Spread your Wings!
Puffins ashore for the first time this year.

Puffin Puckering Up. Kiss Kiss.

Dark billed Puffin Fresh from the Sea.

Puffin Wings

Reflections Through Wings

Puffin Beak Orange Sunset

Ram & Ewe 

Momma and Babes

Wee Triplet Lamb Runt. x

Jimmy's Lambs

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

I Love Fair Isle

I was away in the States for a few weeks, its good to be back,

No one is perfect.

Spring flowers in the guestrooms.

Auld Haa Guesthouse - Fair Isle

Inner Beauty

Fair Isle Fisherman Keps by the Legend Annie Thomson

Daffodils in the Dark.

Love is in the details.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Random Acts of Photography

Fair Isle - South Haven with view to Sheep Rock

Enjoying the View

Storm Brewing

Free Spirit

Fair Isle - The Edge of the World

North Haven Pier

Good Shepherd Ferry - North Haven

Fruits of the Sea

Winter Beachcombing

Whatever Floats your Boat

Sticks and Stones

bits and pieces

Mermaid Tears - Beach Glass

Yellow & Blue

I Love Fair Isle

Hello Old Boat

Rust Never Sleeps

Fair Isle Knitting

One of the Great Joys of My Life is Colour in the Sky.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Winter is Coming (Pics from Nov - early Dec.)






The Chapel and Museum Access.

The North Sea making a Splash!

Snow Bunting

My New Chickens

The Old Lifeboat Shed

kicking around the isle with Henry.

The Innocents

My photograph features in this new series as the kids run away from home and become time-travelers when Dad wants to move to a remote Scottish Island.

light on the horizon.

Seal Pup

Mum keeping the Pup safe on the beach.

up in the air...

it's the little things.


The Keels

Jimmy's Sheep

Glaucous Gull

Winter is Coming...
but, so is Christmas!