I feed the birds year around...

 Autumn: The Auld Haafinch feeding at the window box.

It is no secret that this Blog has been started to promote Fair Isle, myself, and island life. The other reason I started this blog is to see if I can really make any viable amount of money over the Internet? Finding a income on Fair Isle is challenging to say the least... I'm hoping that Blogging could become one of the many part-time jobs and help support me in some way... or at least my hobbies. I am not asking for a formal subscription like a magazine or newspaper. I just simply ask if you have enjoyed sharing my adventures by reading my stories and gazing at the photos, please help me buy some more bird seed. Cheers!

            Sincerely, Tommy H. Hyndman

 Donations of any amount can be made, better yet just send me a bag of bird seed. 

 by post: T H Hyndman, Auld Haa House, Fair Isle, Shetland, ZE2 9JU Scotland, UK.


Winter: Christmas Day 2010 Greenfinch, House Sparrows, Starlings, and Turnstone? eating birdseed?

Summer: Twite at my homemade niger seed feeder... originally used for feeding baby lambs.

Male Rosefinch

Spring: I put out a lot bird seed in the Garden before leaving for a few days, while in Aberdeen...
what do I miss? Brown Headed Cowbird! eating my seed!  ouch!