Saturday, June 30, 2012

Paddyfield Warbler - Acrocephalus agricola in the Hand

Paddyfield Warbler Acrocephalus agricola
 The rare Paddy was caught at the Plantation by Asst. warden Jason Moss on  morning (7:30am) trap rounds. The bird was measured & ringed, a few were ticks removed, far more ticks were added by those folks who got out of bed to see this rare visitor from the east, hence the name Paddyfield. Paddyfield as in Asian rice farming, in no way reference to Ireland as my wife had thought? LOL. I had seen Paddyfield warbler here in 2007, I was new to birding then and the bird was diving in and out of a potato rig at Setter. So this is almost as good as a new bird for me and I am quite happy to see one again. Thanks again Jason.

The visting Paddyfield Warbler even got to check out some Fair Isle knitwear...

It was nice to see visiting Rail Butcher from North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory.
Rail was a Asst. Warden here on Fair Isle in 2005... I just love it when people tell me birds they have seen in my garden before I moved here... in this case Siberian Ruby Throat! etc.
It's a shame he left yesterday... I'm sure he wont mind too much, he saw Fair Isle's lingering River Warbler, plus he saw a Paddyfield Warbler in North Ron just about 2 weeks ago!

Marsh Warbler also caught this morning on trap rounds.
I'm showing this photo because I like the way the feathers are shuffled between the wing and tail.

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