Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Red Rumped Swallow flew over my garden today.

Red Rumped Swallow
Fair Isle's First First for Britain

Collected by Fair Islander George Stout of Busta - June 2nd 1906
Henry & I recently saw what is left of this specimen in the collection in the Museum of Scotland.

Today with so many Swallows & Martins about I think everyone was hoping to find one.
But the honor fell to the new Warden David.
When I told my son Henry he even said "darn, I was looking for one too". 

I didn't get a very good photo as I am hopeless at photos of swallows unless they are sitting on a wire.
Question - If you see a Red Rump Swallow fly through your garden but you are actually standing down the road watching it... can you count that as a "Garden Tick"? I and others did see it pass through my garden and over the Auld Haa House. any objections?
Come to think of it... I didn't get a good photos the frist time I saw one in April 20th 2009.
But I did have great views every time!
And of course I love seeing Red-Rumped Swallow as they are a reminder of
Fair Isle's great birding History!


  1. I would love to be able to write a post with that title! I have never even seen one let alone had one over my garden! If it was me it would have a big fat TICK!

  2. Thanks for your positive feed back and your continued following of my blog. I think that tick might just happen soon... as no major objections have been made. After all my list isn't science, it's just mine. cheers!