Monday, February 13, 2012

Hearts in Nature - Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts in Nature
- all found on Fair Isle in the past year.
For the past 6 years since moving to Fair Isle I have gone for a walk on Valentine's Day with my camera and photographed natural occurring heart shapes. I would Share these images by email or on Facebook with friends & family as a sort of Valentine's Day card. Now with my blog I can share photos with a wider world. No apologies for the puns... it's all part of the fun for me. I did set up the first & last photos, the stone is unaltered as are the rest of the photos. This year I have collected images as I have sporadically seen them though out the year. I hope you enjoy them and please share with your friends. I will still go out on Valentines Day and add a few more images to this post. cheers Tommy 

Your love Rocks!

That's a lovely sediment... 

Limpets in Love
The Limpet's constant clinging and sucking slowly causes erosion to the stone.

Limpets really leave a lasting impression.

Love on the rocks

Twisted Seaweed 

I don't just Lichen you... I'm Love'n you!

2 hearts

We got you covered... Lichen or not.

Moss be Love!
Love grows...

Red Admiral Butterfly
Hearts set to flutter.
(8 tiny ones)

Starlings Chicks
Everybody's got a Hungry Heart!
Meadow Pipit
Beak cause you love me! 
Love Birds                                  

The Biggest Heart! I can find...
Our love will never fade.
Happy Valentine's Day from Fair Isle
& Tommy H. Hyndman

Today while walking I found a few more Hearts...

Moss & Lichen Covered Stone

Weeds in the ditch with red iron silt.

I have seen plenty of Lichen hearts before, but this one looks to have Cupid's arrow as well.
Plus 2 smaller hearts if you use your imagination. 
I stumbled upon this big one coming over the hill above the golf course's 4th green.


  1. Terrific collection of nature's hearts. The captions are delightful!

  2. What's your Fave? I like the Hungry Heart

  3. Those are amazing! Who knew you could find so many hearts just from taking a walk (or two). Found you through PureBloggers.

  4. Hello and thank you for sharing this amazing collection of nature hearts. I've been collecting heart rocks ever since someone close to me passed. Whenever I think of them and am on a walk/hike, I find heart rocks. One time I found no heart rocks but then realized there were heart shadows all around me made by the sun filtering thru the leaves. Your photos are lovely...I will now expand my scope and look for heart formations all around. Thank you again....they are beautiful! Carole USA/NJ