Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gone FishingS

Henry & Stewart fishing Fair Isle.

Not a keeper for me... this Gunnard sent back to the bottom.
We also caught a few Mackerel, Coalfish, 2 Pollack - Fish seemed very thin on the ground.
But what a lovely day to be on the water! Thanks Stuart!

One of the many "reels" Stewart knows how to play...

Stacks of Skoo - Kirk Stack & Inner Stack
both stacks are used as breeding colonies by Gannets 

The hole in Inner Stack.
the white is bird crap and Gannets
Father & Son - below the North Lighthouse- Photo by Stewart

Henry & his Sillock/Coalfish

Auld Haa - Kenaby - Brecks

Simmer Dim at the South Lighthouse - Fair Isle, 11pm 


  1. Wonderful pictures and the best I think is of you and Henry. My grandson is sitting on my lap saying it's a birdie and a big fishie, and big rocks, lol.

    1. Karen it is great to know you are sharing my blog with your Grandson. Never thought of it but I guess there is some good family content here. cheers