Monday, June 03, 2013

BBC - Grand Tours of Scotland & New Zealanders come to Fair Isle... a few birds too!

Happy Folks! guests at the Auld Haa House.

Hanna, Marita & me

Richard, Liz, Paul, Hanna & Richard
Liz with her Camera - the crew of BBC's Grand Tours of Scotland with their camera.

Timeline Films
The Camera and crew made their way around Fair Isle gathering stories for an upcoming episode of
 Grand Tours of Scotland on Fair Isle & Foula to be aired this Autumn.
Henry gives a interview about seabirds and rare sightings.

South Lighthouse - shadow of a near miss!
 The WW2 German aircraft bomb crater was made more visible in the low setting sun.

Paul Murton - Tees off! Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course.
I took this photo between takes of their interview with me while playing golf.

Paul Murton - Chipping on the edge of the foggy 6th hole. - Richard Cook filming it. 
Over the cliff into the Sea, we only lost a few balls, but almost the star of the show...
Of course it was grey & foggy during the TV interview... but the next day it was like this!


The rare Thrush Nightingale in the Auld Haa Garden.
At first I hoping it was a Common Nightingale (rarer on Fair Isle, but not in Britain.)
This bird is very weakly marked on it's chest, and the ID was not so easy.
This is my forth garden tick in 7 years for Thrush Nightingale, still zero for Common Nightingale.

A little "Twitch" on going in the garden.

Sometimes it looked very plain.

The white ring on the bill of this duck had me asking questions?
Glaucous Gull? Iceland Gull? - seen from the garden.

White Winged Gull.... all white wings

Female Red-breasted Flycatcher
to bad I didn't get a photo of it's breast...

Your ball is way over there!
Visiting golfer Ron getting a bit of advice from Sue on the Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course.
(optical illusion - windmill is far away on another hill.)

Visiting Canadians!
The school teacher's family wearing some new knitwear.

Warren & Marita Jowett
From New Zealand, Eco Tours

North Lighthouse with the sun setting in the north.


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