Friday, May 30, 2014

The Fishing Hands - Inge Thomson - FIMETI

Inge Thomson preforms to here home crowd.
- Fair Isle Community Hall - May 23rd 2014 -

- Da Fishing Hands -

Project in cooperation with Fimeti

Song preformed at the Fair Isle Hall - recorded on my pocket camera on video mode on a tripod. 

For more information cheque out some of these reviews and links:

The Band .

Thank you Inge!

Over the weekend FIMETI arranged a schedule of activities.

  Da Fishing Hands concert the highlight, but the Nature Talks and Walks, Craft sale at the Fair Isle Hall were all well attended.  Henry & I were thrilled by the long overdue Nature Club Meeting with Nick Riddiford and many other locals and visitors together at the tide-pools below the South Lighthouse. Three new species never recorded on Fair Isle were found, but most exciting to us was the recovery of the Small Cushion Star population, witch had not been seen since the big storm that smashed the lighthouse and raged though the Small Cushion Star's rockpool location Feb. 4th, 2013 almost a year and a half ago.

Seeing Stars Again!


More info on the Small Cushion Star:

8 Small Cushion Stars and a live Spotted Cowrie in a Limpet shell.

Birds About...

Ringed Plover Chick
NightJar after ringing at FIBO
Collard Flycatcher twitch an the cliff.

Collard Flycatcher

Krazy Kumlien's - Iceland Gull in the Auld Haa Garden.
Gulls in odd perspective.
Good Night...

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