Saturday, June 23, 2018

Painting - Fair Isle - Keeping it Loose

Sheep Rock

I have been doing some loose landscape paintings recently.
I don't think anyone has painted a Puffin so loose?

The blank canvas

Paint Box

Pinks &Puffins

Sea Birds of Fair Isle

Blach Eye
Ewe should she the outer bitch!

Feeding the Chicks

Work in process.

Sheep Rock and the Birds of Fair Isle

A Circus of Puffins


Fulmars of Eastor Loder

Guillemots and Razorbills

Wild Orchid

Sea Pinks at Midnight on the Summer Solstice

No Stars at Night... too Light!

Solstice Simmer Dim at the North Lighthouse
00:47 am.


  1. Love your painting! and I think that spot is just perfect.

  2. Just been watching you on BBC 4, what a place to live.

  3. The puffins remind me of Star Wars the Last Jedi! You've got an awesome place.