Friday, November 14, 2014

Jumping for Joy!

A few days ago... I was jumping for the fun of it!
 It was a lovely day very little wind, I was asked to take some photographs of myself and some art with a Fair Isle landscape in the back ground for publicity for an Artist in Residency I'm doing next June. I took my tripod and camera out and about, using the timer delay I got a few reasonable photos as you will see below. But the photo above was just for fun! I clicked the button than had 10 seconds to run like mad around the pond and jump just as the camera took! After quite a few tries and getting pretty winded I got this photo... I wondered if anyone saw me from a distance up on the Rippack and thought what is that nutter doing now? but this time a year I almost never see people when I'm out walking and taking photos so I was safe. Great fun in a magical place.

Kuiperfest - Artist in Residence 2015 - Tommy H Hyndman
 Kuiperfest - the festival which never existed is back for a one-off event at a secret location.
 Somewhere in Western Europe - 19th-21st June 2015

Sheep with Starling - drawing on primed wooded panel.
My art studio is in the lighthouse compound.

Another Sunset...

A Snow Bunting - a sign the Winter birds are here...

Purple Sandpiper one of my favourite Winter friends often seen in the South Harbour.
These Fulmar having a good laugh!
I think at my expense?

another sunset... another day...

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Fair Isle Fireworks - Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night - 2014

Ssssssss... Boom! Awe... 
Fireworks on Bonfire Night at the South Lighthouse.

You can really see the effect of the wind upon the smoke & fireworks in the photographs.

The big finally!

Bonfire Night...