Sunday, May 29, 2022

I Sea Magic - Fair Isle

Magic happens when you become aware enough to look at the world around you.
It just so happens, I choose live in the magical World of Fair Isle.

Free Bird

Where the Puffins are.
Nature Photographer at Sunset

The wind has my hackles up.

The Rare "Serin" on my Patio.
New Fair Isle Birdwatching Tick!


Shetland as seen on the Horizon from the North Lighthouse Foghorn.

North Lighthouse & a Huge Wave

An Eirie Face in the Clouds

A Couple of Sweet Faces

Razorbills pairing up & courting

Razorbill Breeding Season
How do they do that sexual position? 
On top and from behind at the same time while on a cliff edge?

Very Carefully!

Puffin with nesting material.

Such the Romantic
Atlantic Puffin

Oystercatchers overlooking the North Lighthouse and a passing Good Shepherd Ferry.

This couple is attached at the hip.

Jimmys Rams

The Fair Islander

Learning to Fly

Great Teachers if you want to learn how to Fly.

What that under the Water!
Orca! Killer Whales!

Orca!  Killer Whale!

Orca!  Killer Whale!

 Killer Whale nosing the edges looking for the unsuspecting Seal.

In a larger context... Orca!  Killer Whale!

Fair Isle's Stacks of Schoo & Kirk Stack are covered in breeding Gannets with a tiny Killer Whale hunting Seals in the bottom left corner in this photo.

Spouting off!
Orca!  Killer Whale!

Sunny Day in the South Harbour
Crow Stack a Tripod Arch Rock Formation.

Still just a Lamb

Enjoy the Magic where ever you are. x