Monday, March 08, 2021

Ben Fogle - New lives in the Wild - Plein air Painting - Fair Isle & Tommy Episode.

Where the Wild Men Are. Fair Isle

Ben Fogle came back for a Fair Isle revisit episode in mid-October 2020
The Fair Isle - New Lives in the Wild is now being aired for the first time in the UK .
March 9th at 9pm on Channel 5 

The 2015 Channel 5  TV Promo Video

Seen on TV all over the world.
Dubbed and Subtitled in many languges.
It was funny to see myself talk in French and Hindi.

Sort of awkward... we had to be six feet apart at all times.

Ben looking at my Paintings before his art lesson.
Insparation for a bit of Plein Air Paiting of his own. 

Ben Fogle the Art Student

Artist: Ben Fogle - Auld Haa, Fair Isle - Oil Painting on Canvas - October 2020

Out-standing in his field, but not this one!

Ben didn't want to put the Paint Brushes down.
I could tell this was a challenge he wanted to spend more time with.
We had only 30 minutes of painting time, while also being on camera.
This was great fun though, I remember saying...
"The most important part of this painting is going to be the signature."

House Painting

Artist: T H Hyndman - Auld Haa, Fair Isle - Oil Paint on Canvas - 2020

Our oil paints of the Auld Haa Guesthouse on the French Easel.

My Quick Oil Painting Study of the Auld Haa

Me Landscape Painting 2015 
Ben Fogle - New Lives in the Wild - Drone Footage over Landberg a Bronze age fortifaction.

My Painting from that day.

T H Hyndman - Sheep Rockfrom Landberg - oil painting on canvas- 50cm by 20cm - June 2015


What a beautiful day for Plein air Painting that was...

Henry, Ben Fogle & Tommy Hyndman 2015

Henry & Tommy December 2020

Thank you, everyone. We hope you enjoy the show.
Cheers from Fair Isle.

Link to Tommy Art Gallery to view more works of my Art.



  1. Love your blog, Tommy! Can't wait to see the show.

  2. Just a watching as I type this, what a beautiful Island, and Tommy you seem like a top bloke! I'm in Leicester, England. When travel re-opens, the Island is definitely somewhere I'd like to visit! Great viewing, thanks for the show ๐Ÿ˜

  3. Great to see you again on the tv, Tommy, that five years has gone quickly. It's not easy for anyone to share their hopes and dreams on tv but Ben wheedles them out of people in a charming way and we all become your admirers.

  4. Just watched the programme, really enjoyed it ๐Ÿ˜Š will be following your blog x

  5. Really well done, so genuine

  6. where can you see this program ? I live in Sweden and mea and my bf is a hugh fan of Ben Fogle seen many of his programs

  7. Just seen the programme. THANK YOU so much. May you find happiness

  8. Took my breath away, left totally stunned by the beauty! Wish you the very best Tommy, keep living the dream ❤

  9. Hi Tommy, it's been a tough old year on us all this year. Especially us artists. I'm in Orkney, not as remote but a challenge to keep things going.
    Keep on keeping going.

  10. Great to watch and lovely Island but personally i would miss trees too much

  11. It's very beautifully I really love the scenery in here! Keep on fighting guys! Good luck! Tree Service Colorado Springs

  12. Just watched the show. Love your art and what a great relationship you have with your son. Well done for all you have achieved in your life- great Dad, great artist, great ambassador for island life and nature

  13. Your blog is filled with unique good articles! I was impressed how well you express your thoughts.

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  14. Tommy I've neglected you poetically! Here is a slice of my art feel free to use any photos for your art Kiddo.

  15. Gordana Markoviฤ‡3 July 2021 at 19:09

    I wish you and your son all the best. I am a fan of Ben Fogle, I watched the show several times. I like your hats and paintings so much. It was hard time for all of us, keep your lifestyle I admire you.