Monday, September 30, 2013

White's Thrush, Sykes's Warbler, Nightjar and Birders!

White's Thrush Zoothera dauma photograph by Tony Temple.

Sykes's Warbler Iduna rama
Tick & Lifer...

A few Great Spotted Woodpeckers about? Where are the trees?

View of the Nightjar.

Dave Curtis
Viewing the Nightjar.
Fair Isle tick #268
Dave & Alison Curtis still smiling after an extended stay on Fair Isle.

Photograph by Tony Temple
Willow Warbler

Risso Dolphins

Don, Heather & Tony at the Auld Haa House.

Don, Heather & Paul

For get about this Birdwatching... My new friend Paul Hilton & I need our own fishing show!

Bird on a fence post.
one of my wire sculptures.

Shetland Wildlife Tour Group with guide Jon Dunn.
At the "Shop" sheltering from the rain.
They did see some good Birds and Dolphins when it cleared up.
Note the heavy bricks and rocks on the picnic table to keep it from blowing away...
Lesser White Throat

Lesser White Throat after a bath...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fair Isle on TV! and in the Media.

Fair Isle has been on TV and in the media quite a bit in the past 2 weeks.
Here are some links to what has been going on and what to watch!

Paul Murton and Grand Tours of Scotland crew with Liz Musser, Auld Haa garden.
(Episode recorded in late May early June, 2013)
(Fair Isle Blog post from June)

A new episode of Grand Tours of Scotland will premier Monday the Sept 23rd at 7:30 pm.
link to the full episode:

The seasons opener will explorer Fair Isle & Foula. I only know of 2 of the many story segments, I was interviewed by Paul Murton while playing a round on the Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course.

 Also my son Henry Hyndman was a bird guide to Paul Murton at the Holms cliff edges.
Henry knows his birds... Here is a Link to a bit where he features
I'll post a link to the whole story after it airs.

I think he wanted to take a swing at me? 
We had so many takes... I had 3 perfect drives, but I also flubbed quite a few.
So it will be very interesting to see how they decide to edit our golfing? 

In the new "Fabric of Britain" documentary aired last Sunday,
four generations of Fair Islanders can be seen knitting together. Legend!
Fair Isle feature just after the introduction, about 4 minutes in.

Fabric of Britain - The Golden Age of Knitting - BBC Documentary 
Fair Isle knitting segment recorded by Fair Isle's Liz Musser

New Norwegian Documentary on Fair Isle!
Brilliant! a must see video!
A young Fair Islander crew member on a Norwegian tall ship visits Fair Isle and his family. 

The Good Shepherd features in "Shetland".

The new "Shetland" murder mystery TV drama was being shot on location here on Fair Isle.
Only a 2 day shoot on Fair Isle, Sept. 11-12
I was an extra, but I'm pretty sure you'll only see me on the cutting room floor.
Dates to be aired unknown? as is the murderer?

Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course featured in the ROHAN outdoor clothing catalogue.
Here is a link:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

British Wildlife Photography Awards - "Henry and the Waxwings" HD Video Category Winners!

Fair Isle's Liz Musser & Henry Hyndman receive the British Wildlife Photography Award.
Awards Ceremony was at London's Mall Galleries near Trafalgar Square.
Host Chris Packham presents a book and the winner's certificate  for the HD Video category.

Links to all the winners photos & video :

Henry & the Waxwings


Thank You to SKY TV the Sponsor of the HD Video Award.
and thank you to Canon for the new HD Video Camera!

Liz "cleans up" well.

A few other photos from our trip to London for the awards.

On our trip to London, I was in Aberdeen bus station when a man said, "Are you from Fair Isle?"

As it turned out so was he... It was Alex Stout, who lived at Springfield and left with his family while he was still young. We had a long talk as he was on his way to London after visiting his family in Shetland. Nice to meet you Alex! Alex asked me to extend a hello to everyone on or from Fair Isle for him. Alex has not been to Fair Isle for many years now, I never met him before, but he recognized me because he follows my Fair Isle blog. Cheers! 

The National Gallery

Trafalgar Square

Henry loves Chinatown and the food! (Dumplings!)

Piccadilly Circus 

British Museum
Henry was mesmerized by the Samurai armour & swords

Museum of Natural History

Butterfly Enclosure - this one look like a leaf... until it opened up!

In some coffee shop off Trafalgar Square I hear? Tommy what are you doing here? 
To my surprise it was Ian Peter MacDonald (aka Peeps) who I once had the pleasure to play golf with on the Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course during a National Trust for Scotland Patron's Club visit a few years ago. Great to catch up, can't believe he recognised me so out of context? He also sends greetings and well wishes to the Fair Isle community.


Lego London!

Lego Piccadilly Circus

Windsor Castle
Why are there so many signs in the sky that say UNDERGROUND?