Thursday, October 30, 2014

Do you want to live on Fair Isle? Barkland Croft to Let.

Barkland Croft - Fair Isle
 A 4 bedroom home suitable for a family wanting to work the land. 
While also embracing island life and interaction in the small community

(these photo were taken yesterday afternoon)

Living On the most remote inhabited Island in Britain has it's challenges, but also offers great rewards in many ways for the right minded people who take up the adventure.

Barkland CroftNew
  • View towards croft
TO LET - circa £500 per annum

To Apply, please write to: 
The National Trust for Scotland, Balnain House, Inverness, IV3 5HR

 by 15th November for further information and application details.

Or direct general enquiries by email to

Barkland Croft - Fair Isle

This National Trust for Scotland owned croft will be available to let under crofting tenure around Spring 2015. The associated croft house has four bedrooms, good out buildings and sits on 10.5 hectare of croft land with a share in the common grazings.

Do you have the appropriate skill set and ability to run a croft in this marginal but exceptional location while also contributing to the community of around 55 people?

If you are familiar with crofting and have a secondary vocation which is transportable to this location and / or are willing and qualified to turn your hand to other work which becomes available from time to time i.e. deck hand on boat, airstrip fire crew, various trade works such as electrical, plumbing, building etc then crofting on Fair Isle may well be for you.

If you are not familiar with crofting please speak with the Crofters Commission or visit their website in order to get background information prior to seriously considering an application.

No. of bedrooms 4
Parking Yes
Furnished/Unfurnished Unfurnished
Garden Yes
Pets By Permission
Council tax A
Date available Spring 2015

link to National Trust for Scotland:

Barkland Croft viewed from the North Raeve cliffs above Hjukni Geo.

This croft is now rented...
(as of June, 2015)

The contact info is still good if you would like to find out is there is a new opportunity.


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  3. I would like to live on Fair Isle how do I go about it.

  4. I would like to live there as I have young family need space

  5. Looking to relocate to somewhere like Fair Isle.. Myself and my wife.
    Island life is something that has always called to me ever since I joined the military.. those endless exercises out in the middle of nowhere definitely caught my imagination

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