Friday, February 24, 2017

Rock Pooling Finds in Fine Winter Weather.

Kiss Me!
Sea-Scorpion - Myoxocephalus scorpius
We did a bit of rock pooling up here as the weather is fine here. while the rest of Scotland deals with the winter storm "Doris". Dave Wheeler our local meteorologist said we may be having the best weather in the UK at the moment. We found crabs and Brittle-stars... but we have the most pride in who can find little fish species. together we caught 4 species, Sea-scorpion, Shanny Blenny, Butterfish and Five-bearded Rockling. What fun!

Shanny Blenny - Liophyrs pholis
Mermaid Purses - skate egg cases
Henry looking at the Shanny Benney I caught  after turning over a big rock.

Purple Sandpiper


One of the big fat Five-bearded Rockling Henry caught.

Tidepool Texture


Common Limpets

Unusual Limpet, a smooth rainbow mother of pearl surface,
like I have never seen before. Maybe a new species for me?
The only two I have found? so one is no a fluke...

More Limpets...

The searchers on the shore.

Himanthalia elongata - Buttons
As seen and found on the South Harbour Beach.

This seaweed reminds me of Frank Gehry Architecture.

Purple Pink Anemone


Kiss me again!

Love... Giving it the boot for perspective.



Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day from Fair Isle

Love From Fair Isle - natural stone heart.
Every year on Valentines Day I go for a walk and take a few photos of natural heart shapes. 
It has turned into a bit of an obsession and now I see them year around.
I even Have a Facebook group you can join if you wish. 
As I found it... sweet little bit of beach glass.

North Haven Beach

A Heart of Stone

the white specks in this photo are birds and sheep. 

Blue Skies!

Loving the Big Blue Today!
A few photos from the weekend...
South Harbour

Auld Haa House

Birthdays at the Haa!

We even had some snow last Thursday...
Biggest snow of the year "snow" far.