Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! and Birds About!

Henry found his Easter Bunny while getting fresh eggs from the Chicken coop.

Henry also found this Collard Dove in our Garden this morning while hunting Easter candy.
The first one seen on Fair Isle this year.
this is a most unusual place for the Easter Bunny to hide the Lint Chocolates

if these birds are going to stand just outside my window...
I'll have to take their photo....
Black-headed Gull

Blackbird with a white face. (lucistic?)


A Sparrowhawk?
I was surprised by this, because I had just been told to look for a Marsh Harrier...

female House Sparrow... did someone say Sparrow-Hawk?


low-tide in the South Harbour

Rock Pipit

interesting gull?
at first I thought it was a adult Ring-billed Gull?

but I not sure not a 3rd year Herring Gull or something else?

North Cliffs with a bit of snow - panorama -
sort of cool, the Fulmar flew or moved while I panned the camera.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Last Lighthouse Keeper

In memory of Angus Hutchison Scotland's Last Lighthouse Keeper.
Please read more in the Scotsman News Online

also I believe there is a photo of him golfing on Fair Isle:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marilyn Bagging on Fair Isle - 1552 for Iain Brown

Iain ties the Marilyn record at 1552!

Iain Brown, from Wales, now living in Edinburgh,   came to the Fair Isle to climb  his "final" Marilyn in the UK. Ward Hill 217meters, this is Iain,s 1552nd  Marilyn! What's a Marilyn? A Marilyn is a hill with a prominance of 150 metres or greater, , that is a drop of 150m (500 feet) on all sides    There are 1554 Marilyns in Britain but the 2 inaccessible stacs in St Kilda  (Stac Lee and Stac Armin) have not been climbed by any of the Marilyn Baggers, though the other hill of St Kilda are on Iain's list. So no one has completed all the Marilyns on list. Iain says that is sort of the beauty of the thing. (always one or two hills to far) Iain has travelled the length of Britain in his quest. There are only 3 others that have reached 1552 to date. Iain also walked most of the Fair Isle's coastline and the other top spots Malcolm's Head, Hoini & Vassetter. Over dinner we discussed at length Iain's wish to climbing Sheep Rock? No one has been up there in over 25 years... Congratulations Iain! you're "Tops" with us! I think he saved the best for last.

Short video interview with Iain.

For more info:        Scottish Marilyns
See book:      The Relative Hills of Britain  by Alan Dawson

Fair Isle from plane... Ward Hill is the highest point of the Isle.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Opening of Fair Isle's New Fire Station.

Britain's most Remote and Newest Fire Station...
and the last Fire Station to be built in the UK by the Fire Board before it merges with the Police.

Photos of the Building and Ceremonial Opening.

Laying the foundations.

Working late into the Simmer Dim.

digging for water & electric hook u.s 

Built by Shetland's Ness Engineering LTD. 

Well attended by Islanders and Fire Officials & day visitors.

The Flea

Fair Isle's Fire Crew & Visiting Fire Officials.

even Mauvi was there!

Wildlife news... Henry caught our first ever "live" Cowrie Shell.

Henry's the reddish ever Short-spined Sea Scorpion
Father Lasher Myoxocephalus scorpius

The colour in this photo is too orange this fish is Fire Engine Red!

Great Tit in the squalling, hailing corn snow and freezing cold must of been thinking... 
"surely I've over wintered by now?"

Monday, March 11, 2013

Fair Isle Lighthouse Society

Everyone loves taking photos of Fair Isle's South Lighthouse,
 but wouldn't you love to take a look inside?
Now you can! Thanks to the new Fair Isle Lighthouse Society.

Things are looking up at the South Lighthouse!

Thanks to the Northern Lighthouse Board and the members Fair Isle Lighthouse Society, you can now climb to the top of the South Lighthouse Tower just like the Lighthouse Keepers did. A handful of islanders have joined together to form the Fair Isle Lighthouse Society. The main purpose of this group is to over see visitation inside and up the South Lighthouse for tourist. Almost everyone who visits Fair Isle asks if they can go up the Lighthouse? But, this access has never been formally allowed until now. The NLB requires the FILS to purchase public liability insurance every year.  As to date we have not received any public money. (unlike the millions for Sumburgh Lighthouse.) The society is not a non-profit nor a viable commercial enterprise. We started with a £500.00 loan from the National Trust for Scotland which needs to be paid back shortly. We hope to raise £1000.00 in donations from Fair Isle lovers & Lighthouse enthusiast who understand the value of providing this historic access as much as we do. We are also looking for any historic items or stories for display if you have any? Maintaining this access to the light creates a important infrastructure for the isle's tourist activities & heritage. The money from your donations will hopefully cover the start up cost and the future access fees should pay the yearly insurance from here after. We appreciate anything you can do to help.

our goal is to raise £1000.00
Donations can be sent by post or PayPal.

Fair Isle Lighthouse Society
 South Lighthouse, Fair Isle, Shetland Islands, ZE2 9JU. 

or PayPal to email acct:  f.i.lighthouse.society@gmail  

Business Advertisers or Corporate Sponsorship Welcome.
As treasurer and a founding member of F.I.Ligthouse Society please feel free to contact me personally for any reason. Cheers!

Tommy Hyndman - - 01595-760-349

Looking down, down, down, down...

The climb to the top is quite strenuous…
Catch your breath, take in the view, get some perspective & a bit of history.

2 ladders to climb

Then up into the windowed light room.

it's a great photo opp!

View to the north

Guest are not allowed up while NLB engineers are working.
or when the light is on.

The light and glass lens. 

looking down....
Hey, that bench and wall is not there any more... if you would like to donate a new bench? contact us.

                           Watch this video to see why the bench & wall are no longer there...

more info on the recent storm damage to the South Lighthouse:

On less windy days you maybe able to go out on the cat-walk.
                     The View from the Window or Balcony is a Towering Experience.
Light on the cat-walk looking towards North Ronaldsay in the south west.
(only visible on clear days, binoculars help.)

View of the Fair Isle crofts from the South Lighthouse.

then back down we go...

Don’t miss this great photo opportunity! – Souvenirs, Postcard & Crafts available.

ADULTS £5.00 - CHILDREN £3.00
Schedule a visit 10am and 4pm most days by Mutual Arrangement.
 Max. 5 folk at a time.
Children under five years are not allowed to climb the tower.

Fair Isle Lighthouse Society GUIDE CONTACTS:  
                                            01595 760 355 -DAVE BRACKENBURY
                            01595 760 225 -BILL MURRAY
                            01595 760 349 -TOMMY HYNDMAN
                         01595 760 241 -STEWART THOMSON

For more info and photos of the South Lighthouse follow this link: