Friday, March 20, 2015

Solar Eclipse, March 20th 2015 - South Lighthouse, Fair Isle, Shetland.

The Sun & the Moon.
It was twilight for a few minutes today, I thought the Lighthouse darkness censers could turn on? maybe lighting up the tower at one point? almost... I have never photographed an Eclipse before, so I really didn't know what I was doing... I turned the camera to the lowest ISO and the fastest shutter speed.. By the time I figured it out the clouds came rolling back in. I got a few interesting pictures and the video worked well but I didn't try it until late in the Eclipse cycle. enjoy!


Watch the video!

I photographed from the rocks and beach below the South Lighthouse near my artist studio.

Heaven's Above!

I though this was cool that the Sun was still too bright even mostly blocked by the Moon, but the Eclipse shape refracted else where in the photographs.

Again here I photographed the refracted Eclipse shape in the silhouette of the Lighthouse tower.

Black & White

Happy Equinox and Spring is Finally Here!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

February's Photos - Snow, Lighthouse, and Malcolm's Head.

A snow day at the South Lighthouse. Feb. 3rd  
Still catching up on my blogging... here are a few photos from February.

South Lighthouse in Snow.

 Snow on the ground is really quite rare on Fair Isle... on average maybe once or twice a year. 

Taking advantage of the photographic opportunity, I went out much of the day, I didn't see another soul... and thank goodness look at the way I was dressed! LOL. I was warm though, and really enjoyed the snow.

I'n this wind swept landscape you can see the snow drifted behind all the rocks thrown onto the ground by the big seas and winds on the recent winter storms.

No snow plough needed, - The Auld Haa

South Harbour

Caught in a pelting hail storm as the light comes on.
South Lighthouse at Sunset.

The relationship between two things.

Just another Sunset... viewed from the Auld Haa.

Happy Valentine's Day.

The view from up top Malcolm's Head is always amazing and takes my breath away! 

Maybe the experience is heighten because I'm already breathing heavy just climbing up the steep hill side... but Wow! look at that view!     Feb. 24th

I waited...

(This is the photo I sent Discover Britain Magazine.)
I was asked to take a photo of myself for a upcoming article in which I gave interview for Discover Britain Magazine's April/May issue. I'm told it is just one of many photos in a 7 page story about Fair Isle where I gave a few comments over the phone. They asked for my full length portrait in the landscape... I climbed Malcolm's Head alone with my tripod, camera and it's 10 second timer. click! click! Fair Isle never fails to deliver it's natural beauty, I even caught a rainbow! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fair Isle Landscape Photographs - January 2015

Time to catch up with my Blogging... 
Here are some assorted Fair Isle landscape photos from January.

Aurora - Northern Lights - Jan 2nd 2:35 am.

Auld Haa House
The full Moon and the Northern Lights and a 7 second exposure my for a lovely view of the Haa. 2:22 am.
The Aurora's Curtain of Light.

Ou Stack and the Cliffs off the North Light House at 2:56 am.

Flying to Fair Isle around the squalls of rain.
 Jan 19th

Reminds me of a William Turner painting...

Fair Isle... The plane is getting closer... Jan 19th.

Coming into the Fair Isle landing strip over the North Haven. Jan. 19th.

Steensi Geo - Jan. 24th

Hoini Cliffs - Jan. 24th.

Sunset - Jan. 29th

Looking east, back towards the house. Jan. 29th.

South Lighthouse - Jan. 29th