Friday, January 12, 2018

A Lovely Day

The Atlantic breaks against the Isle.
The Lighthouse stands tall.
 What a warm and lovely day. 
Great day for a walk with my camera while doing a little beachcombing.

I sat on the rocks for sometime just watching the Atlantic roll in.
The birds and the seals are always entertaining.

I thought of many things far away.

The Sunset was lovely.

The water is hypnotic.

Low in the sky, going asleep into the Sea.


The old lifeboat shed.

The South Harbour
My home by the Sea.

Limpet Shells bought to shore by hungry birds

Allumium Buoy
you don't find many of these!

You see what you want to see.

Skin of a Lumpsucker
I saw 3 hooded Crows picking at something on the beach,
 I walked over and found what was left of this dinosaur of a fish.

Lumpsucker Skin

Puffin Skull

A heart can only break if it still has love.

 End of a Lovely Day.
Good Night. x

Friday, January 05, 2018

Stark Beauty

My first climb up Malcolm's Head this year.
Always leaving me breathless, then a breathtaking reward.

The stark beauty of Fair Isle. 

South Harbour & Crow Stack

The Keels and Skerries

South Lighthouse

South Lighthouse

Climbing up Malcolm's Head

View of Sheep Rock on the way up.

At the top of Malcolm's Head you find two ruins,
both coastal look out observational huts. one from WW2 the other from the Napoleonic W

One of the old structure's walls, with an approaching hail storm.

This rainbow was actually pea size hail.
Which I was shortly after this picture caught in.

Ouch! no place to hide!

Hail hail!

I would say it is a bit windy-er up there!

The setting Sun was in and out of the clouds creating great light and colour.

My hat blows off much easier with long hair.
I never had this problem with a short buzz cut.
But I do like the feel of wind in my hair again, even if I have much less of it.


The hail storm passed over and blocked the Sun,
 making it go so dark the Lighthouse came on early.

What a great walk, always a wonder when I wander. cheers.

Happy New Year!