Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nature of Scotland Award Winner! Nick Riddiford & Fair Isle Marine Environment & Tourist Initiative.

Nick Riddiford, 

Top honours were given to Fair Isle's Nick Riddiford last night at the Nature of Scotland Awards.
I know that Nick would also give a large amount of credit to this wife Elizabeth, Fair Islander's and the National Trust for Scotland, but take a bow! This award hopefully will bring some more attention to Fimeti and marine park initiative. 

List of all Winners
more info:

Congratulation's Nick to and from Fair Isle.

Young Gannet, North Haven, Fair Isle Oct. 29th, 2013

also... Happy Halloween!
Pumpkin made from old fishing troller buoy found as rubbish on the beach.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Siberian Ruby Throat - Fair Isle - Day 2

Siberian Ruby Throat
The bird is still here! More approachable and in sunlight! Everyone who wanted got photos and amazing views. I took some video, but my 12 year old son Henry took all the photos posted while he was out birding with his friend Logan. Amazing! Stunning! Incredible!


Siberian Ruby Throat is a 10th record for Britain...
5th record for Fair Isle.
The first British record was first year male found on Fair Isle - Oct. 11th, 1975. 
The next 3 have been rather plain females.
This is the first Red Male seen on Fair Isle!

Henry, Logan & I had great views!
Here is a link to Logan's blog post about it:

a few other birds today...
Short Eared Owl

Paddyfield Warbler in the Barkland field.

Paddyfield Warbler in the hand.
caught by the FIBO warden

Yellow Hammer
Great Spotted Woodpecker

A good day birding!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Siberian Ruby Throat - Tongue & Cheeked... and other Birds.

Siberian Ruby Throat - painted by my son Henry yesterday....

Siberian Ruby Throat found today!
found by Graham Gordon at Stoneybreck.

Siberian Ruby Throat - Male - Luscinia calliope
What a stunning bird! I have been wanting to see a male for years.
I had a female in my garden last year... but the red male is awesome!

Siberian Ruby Throat is a 10th record for Britain...
5th record for Fair Isle.
The first British record was first year male found on Fair Isle - Oct. 11th, 1975. 
The next 3 have been rather plain females.This is the first Red Male seen on Fair Isle!
I couldn't be happier! 

Photo by Henry added Oct. 22nd - See more Photos & Video from Day 2
Tongue & Cheek
Andrew Tongue fines Grey-cheeked Thrush. Oct. 11th.
That is a lifer for me. thanks!

Rubbish photos...
But, good view in the scope as it hopped about the pony pasture and fences at Barkland.

photos through the scope really rubbish too.

Golden Plovers at Barkland.

Dotterel and Snipe among the Golden Plovers.

Ruff & Redshank
 Pam - Martin - Judd - Mark - Stuart
Shetland Wildlife Tour Group Oct. 14th -18th.

All photos below are taken by my son Henry in the past few days...
Dusky Warbler - Phylloscopus fuscatus
that's a new one for me too!
Oct. 13-14th

Red-thoated Pipit
new to the garden list!


Snow Bunting

Snow Buntings in flight.

One of many Redpoll about.

Fair Isle Wren.

Yellow Browed Warbler


Hawfinch - Auld Haafinch.
in the garden for the past few days.

Dendronotus frondosus
Seaslug found by Henry in a tidepool - 2nd record for Fair Isle.
Henry Logan & I did a lot of birding during the school break... Here is a link to Logan's blog post about our sightings:

Monday, October 07, 2013

Red Eyed Vireo! First for Fair Isle.

David Parnaby is all smiles after finding Fair Isle's first Red-Eyed Vireo - Vireo olivaceas
Island Ticks for everyone!
Fair Isle has so many first for Britain's, but we are about the last to get Red-eyed Vireo, probably the most common North American passerines or birds to make appearances in the UK.
Cliffs at Easter Loder

This is why I don't have a photo of the bird...
I did see the bird with my binoculars and scope, but my best views were in another birder's more powerful scope. It was then I could really tell it was a Red Eyed Vireo. David found the bird much closer near the top, but it slowly moved away and down the unassailable cliff faces.

Warning edgy birders!

Yellow Browed Warbler

Too funny!
With Britain's 5th Thick-billed Warbler on the Shetland mainland most birdwatchers left Fair Isle on Saturday. Even my son Henry & Logan saw it! but for those of us still on the island, Fair Isle's first Vireo and yet another Lanceolated Warbler (3rd of the Autumn) were just what we needed to put some smiles on our faces.

Tony - Martin - Richard - Clare - Alan - Judd
After a good 5 days of birding, (including a rare Sykes's Warbler) Fair Isle's Shetland Wildlife tour group left Fair Isle to see the Thick-billed Warbler found bye the other mainland Shetland Wildlife tour group guide.
This weekend we said good bye to our beloved Ranger Teresa.
All the birders and guests will be gone by the end of the month until next May. 

OMG! Look at me? I think I scare more than the birds away...