Saturday, January 28, 2017

Wild Winter Weather - Videos

Ever wonder what is like to be on Fair Isle in a bit of weather?
I have posted a few storm videos I have made in the past few years.
Yes, sometimes I'm foolish enough to go out with a camera in a hurricane. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Seals and Beach-combing - Happy New Year! 2017

it's a relative term,
I know baby Seals can make me happy when I see them,
I can't help but project human emotions on them.
Who knows what they are thinking?


Aw, Awe am Awesome.

Hello Baby.



Baby Grey Seal Pup

Wire bird on post, Robin, South Harbour.

Found objects from the beach
Dead Shag Foot
the pads and webbing were interesting.
Look what I found.

fine finds

Finding Yarn! Bonus!

I found this great Ear Sponge,
It made me want some clay and a potter's wheel.

Figurative Bone,
 homage to Henry Moore Sculpture.


happy? or sad?

Cheers from Fair Isle!