Residency Project

The Fair Isle Residency Project. 
Artist - Adventurers - Scientists - Craftpeople
People wishing to stay 2 weeks or more can apply for this opportunity.

  If you are willing to stay in my Son's room while he is away at University and give me 20 hours a week of work we might be able to make an arrangement. The work would be physical, gardening, maintenance, house painting, cleaning, etc. After a video chat interview, if you are selected and a time slot is vacant and agreed upon, your stay at the Auld Haa will be self-catered with plenty of free time to enjoy Fair Isle and creative pursuits. If selected use of my Artist Studio at the South Lighthouse a close walk away will also be yours to use and enjoy. the view is amazing! At the end of your stay, I would like a work of your art for my collection.

   This may seem to be a great deal seeing how I rent (my son) Henry's or any room in the house (except mine) for £100.00 a night. Fair Isle is great! try to remember not to over idealize it. I'm sort of a wild artist guy needing some help getting some stuff done in a place where it's hard to find people to help beyond my good neighbors. I like to help other artists too as I have been helped by many people in my life too., I know a visit to Fair Isle is an inspiration for a lifetime. If you have a grant or sabbatical and want to work out a longer stay without the work hours and a reduced rate let's talk. If you are traveling with a partner or friend let me know, that might work too. It's all new and I am working with new ideas. I will only accept a few applicants each year.

The Auld Haa is Idyllic

But don't over idealize it.

Originally I was planning "The Wild Winter Artist in Residence" as Winter has fewer calls for guests at the Guesthouse and the proper guestsrooms could be used then. Though if paying guests turn up you may be asked to move to my son's rooms until vacant again. Does the idea of being in a remote place by the Ocean in a wild Winter storm appeal to your creativity? I realized I need yard and garden work in early Spring. Also house painting during the Summer. Other guests may or will come and go during your stay. Which is usually interesting to say the least. 

 Contact Tommy H Hyndman: Instagram or Facebook Messanger to arrange a Video Chat.

Painting the Lighthouse.

Like I said, "Don't over idealize it"

Painting with Puffins

Plein Air Painting

Painting the Haa, when I should have been painting the Haa.

The Art Lesson.

In the South Lighthouse Studio

Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland UK.


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