Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fair Isle Adventure - Fishing with Kenny

Holy Mackerel! that is a big one!

Kenny Stout - Captain and tour guide,
takes Henry and I out for and afternoon of fishing and fun.

get the rods in the water!

 Cod - that is nice eating! 

5 Mackerel at a time on a light line and rod... what fun!

A good catch! we will eat well tonight!

Fair Isle's Sheep Rock. 
 you can see the caves we went through in the boat... always outrageous!


it's like fishing with a young Lou Reed?

Kenny having fun navigating through the narrowest rock passages.

Holy Mackerel & Oh My Cod!
Kenny's is making his Cod is eat Henry's Mackerel... ha ha!

Looking for birds and beach-combing on the the South Harbour Beach.

Male - Blackcap

Auld Haa House

God Natt - we will keep the light on for you...

Henry & Tommy

Tommy H. Hyndman
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