Thursday, August 13, 2015

Basking Shark & the Lord Nelson

Basking Shark - Fair Isle 

Basking Shark! 
 Wow! I've have wanted to see one since before I moved here 9 years ago...  
It's a self found lifer and wildlife tick.

In autumn 2006, two months before moving to Fair Isle, We saw a posting of a Basking Shark sighting on Fair Isle. I said to 5 year old Henry, "We are going to see Basking Sharks!" 9 years later... We finally saw one today! So it took a while... but, I had great views today! Awesome! 

and I had my camera!

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

Basking Shark - Fair Isle

North Lighthouse - Fair Isle - Shetland

Kirk Stack - The Gannet Colony

The north cliffs below the South Lighthouse.
Sight of the Basking Shark sighting today.

The Lord Nelson just outside the North Haven - Fair Isle.
The tall-ship the Lord Nelson sails with mixed physical ability crew. 50% may be disabled, 100% are actively involved. A very special ship indeed.

The Fair Isle young folk go out onto the tallship The Lord Nelson in a zodiac.

The tallship the Lord Nelson moored of Fair Isle.

The young Fair Isle folk getting a tour of the Lord Nelson.

The Lord Nelson off of Fair Isle.

My son Henry climbing into the Zodiac. 

The young Fair Isle folk had a great time aboard the Lord Nelson. 

Thank you to the crew of the Lord Nelson.

getting ready to set sail... cheers!