Fair Isle’s Lighthouse Keeper’s Golf Course

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The most remote golf course in Scotland and the UK.

The Scottish lighthouse keeper’s brought with them many things to help survive when stationed on Fair Isle. Some luxuries and traditions are often much more appreciated on the most remote inhabited island in Britain.  One traditions brought to Fair Isle by the Scottish lighthouse men and their families was the love of golf.

The 1st & 6th Greens
The luxury of golf on Fair Isle was truly amazing, yet very humble. The course was Croft land often playing among the sheep and the sea birds. The cups where tin cans and the pins broom handles stuck in the ground near by. The South Lighthouse on Fair Isle had six holes on the Skaddan grounds and had to be golf three times to get a full eighteen. The course is set up on jagged rock cliffs almost surrounded by the sea within the watchful eye of the lighthouse and it long shadow. Even in light wind the course is very challenging and an adventure to play. It has been said the game always ended with an a dram of whisky follow by a long story.

Circa 1970's Trophy

Lighthouse Keepers & Fair Isle Golfers with Trophy - Dave Wheeler

This photo is dated July 4th 1980  by Dave Wheeler
I think those nautical jumpers must of been standard Northern Lighthouse Board issue?

Thank you to Dave Wheeler Photography the only known photo source of  lighthouse keepers golfing.

Dave Wheeler

The Broomstick & the Pudding Tin.
Years ago spare broomsticks were used as pins and canned steamed pudding tins were used as cups.
In retrospect one lighthouse keeper said,
"If I ever see another steamed pudding in a can it will be to soon!"

Today” the newly reinstated Lighthouse Keeper’s Course” is much the same but with real cups and flag-pins. Still only six adventurous holes. The humble grounds and greens are still mostly maintained by the weather and the sheep. The islanders gladly welcome the games return but, insist the sheep, birds and island football on Sunday afternoons all come first. We suggest along with golf clubs and plenty of spare balls, you bring binoculars and a camera as these are some of the best areas for whale and bird watching on the island. Sunrise and sunset the location is spectacular for visitor’s exploration.
Weather you are a serious golfer or like serious fun…it’s out there waiting for you.

Golf it if you can!  Scotland’s most remote golf experience!

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Tommy H Hyndman
Fair Isle Lighthouse Keeper’s Golf Course
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Scotland, UK.

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Karen Heitman from California sets a new course record!
(She is my son's grandma so let's just give it to her.)

Play late into a Summer's evening.

The 3rd Hole

vintage score card

Fair Isle Knitwear was made popular on golf courses everywhere by the Prince of Wales.
That said he never played golf on Fair Isle... only in it. Plus I think it was a copy knit in Shetland?
I guess he couldn't afford the real thing.

Wind damage to Flags

Please Help!

So far the golf course has been fun and self funded. The Flags cups and pins are so weather beaten that most of equipment will have to be replaced often. Other costs are a small yearly rent from the National Trust for Scotland and the "insurance". Thank you to all the good people who read about the golf course and anonymously sent used golf clubs on the Good Shepherd Ferry Boat. Special thanks to the old lighthouse keeper who sent me the old Fair Isle Golf Club Trophy. I plan to print a better map & scorecard If anyone would like to advertise? I'm in desperate need of more clubs, especially Left handed, ladies and children's.
A Big Thank You to Ian Mitchell! & I.G.M. ELECTRICAL
Ian & John are Sparkies (electricians) that come to Fair Isle a few times each year to repair and upgrade National Trust for Scotland properties. Weather permitting they always find time to play around... of golf, after work of course when it's light out late into the evening. Generously upon his last 2 visits Ian Brought with him 2 boxes of golf balls and a thousand tees! So we are set with those for awhile... Thank you so much! Cheers! Tommy

We still need left handed clubs!

A BIG Thank You to Alan McPherson (on left) for new flags plus woman's & men's set of golf clubs.
Alan's Fair Isle golf experiences on his blog:

Course Map

Paul Rapp aka F Lee Harvey Blotto...
"If you want to play a more remote golf course, you would have to play with Neil Armstrong on the Moon." 

Paul Murton - BBC presenter for Grand Tours of Scotland.
We wait for the story to be told this Autumn on the show.
Tim Leary - USA
Still foggy?
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Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course featured in the ROHAN outdoor clothing catalogue.
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Fun for boys of all ages!
The Norwegian Girls golfed what can only be described as the "prettiest" round of golf ever!

Henry on the 2nd green.

6th Hole 
 It's a wet dog leg to the right,
viewed from top the Lighthouse.
2 trawler buoys mark tee off areas.

Video - Golfing all the Golf Courses in Scotland.

The 4th green on a foggy day.

No one ever plays through...  plenty of time to take in the view.

Whale watching on the 1st green

No time to golf now! Orca! Killer Whales off the 1st green!

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