Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Bit of the White Stuff! Waves on the High Seas.

An unusual day...
Sunny with blue skies, but with strong winds coming of the Atlantic.
Not the biggest storm but the light was fantastic.

(for comparison a calm day.)

What an amazing sight to see! I think the waves must of been 20 ft. high? I have no idea what the wind speed was but it was hard to stand or walk. I found it nearly impossible to take a photo with out salt spray covering on the camera lens. I had to clean the lens between every photo. I hid behind walls and rocks while taking these photos.

The South Harbour was protected from the west winds but look at the waves exploding on the Skerries!

Henry got a real kick out of this football I found wash up the the burn leading from the Scrape.

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