Friday, July 06, 2012

Young Frog vs. Water Beetle - and other people & wildlife

Frog - Tadpole or Polywog with legs.


Wildlife drama... Young Frog barely more than a Tadpole is attacked by a Water Beetle filmed in my small garden pond with hand held camera video mode. The Beetles looks to be winning... A still photo just didn't show the full story... sort of interesting as it was thought the introduced of Frogs (1970's) would eat all the rare or indigenous pond insects. It maybe that the Frogs, Eggs & Tadpoles turn out to be a great food source for aggressive Beetles on Fair Isle. I find this sort sad to watch but very interesting just the same.

The Beetle is most probably Agabus bipustulatus the Frog was Rana temporaria 

Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta - first butterfly that I have been able to photograph this year.

Shetland Bumble Bee

Hover Fly - Scaeva pyrastri

Karen & a few happy Elizabeth Riddiford Fair Isle Knitting customers.

Red Sky in the Morning...

Golf was played and a few rare Fair Isle Birdies were found...

Sea Hare Aplysia punctata balled up in the hands of the master...
Biggest Sea Hare Henry has ever found on Fair Isle 12- 15cm.
they are said to get up to 20cm.

Shanny Blenny Liophyrs pholis

It was great to meet Anne & Per who sailed in from Sweden. Cheers! 
My Mermaid & Bird & Waxwing Wire Sculptures

Liz & Henry set sail to America for Summer vacation...
I leave next week...

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