Monday, February 25, 2013

Wildlife Weekend

Henry & Logan spent most of the weekend  looking at birds & tide-pooling.
This Seal was oddly way up the beach at the North Haven.

Henry found this Cuckoo Ray still alive trapped on the North Haven beach during low tide.
I picked it up and let it go back in the water.


Wood Pigeon - sadly the best of the new migrant bird arrivals this weekend.
also seen, a Greenland White-fronted Goose and (possible) Ring-billed Gull are still handing around.
Squat Lobster - one of 5 caught
Wildlife Adventurers

Spotted Cowrie Shell & 2 Long-clawed Porcelain Crabs.

left: We have no idea what this white sea slug thing is? Maybe a flat worm?
It's new one for us, any help with the ID would be great.

update: Lamellaria perspicua - a slug with internal shell
Yes! another first for Fair Isle!
right: Henry caught our 2nd record ever of a Montagu's Sea-snail aka Tadpole Fish. 

What? Pycnogonum littorale? some sort of Sea Insect or Spider.  
Ugly , but... A new first for Fair Isle found by Logan!

Note from Nick: The three marine invertebrates found by Henry and Logan - sea-spider Pycnogonum littorale, the mollusc Lamellaria perspicua, and the worm Marphysa sanguinea - do not seem to have been recorded for Fair Isle before.

Henry's pink...  Grey Sea Slug?

This Breadcrumb Sponge Looks a bit like a map of Scotland.

Henry caught one of the Goldfish that has been living in or pond for years.  
26cm.  or  10+ inches.

First Frog of the year! up at Golden Water.

Sunsets and the Lighthouse starts to shine though the night.

When viewed from the Auld Haa it looks like John at Utra has the beacon on his shed.
I gave Logan some tips about blogging, check it out his post of the same weekend..


  1. Fantastic shots! Have only just discovered your blog-I will be a regular visitor.

  2. Sea lemon for your unknown - just a guess and could be off target.

    Love the ray.mhope you guys are well.


  3. Gotta love the sunrise and sunsets.

  4. this looks like a sea lemon to me I have also found somthing like that on a beach in vidlin down below the school.