Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! and Birds About!

Henry found his Easter Bunny while getting fresh eggs from the Chicken coop.

Henry also found this Collard Dove in our Garden this morning while hunting Easter candy.
The first one seen on Fair Isle this year.
this is a most unusual place for the Easter Bunny to hide the Lint Chocolates

if these birds are going to stand just outside my window...
I'll have to take their photo....
Black-headed Gull

Blackbird with a white face. (lucistic?)


A Sparrowhawk?
I was surprised by this, because I had just been told to look for a Marsh Harrier...

female House Sparrow... did someone say Sparrow-Hawk?


low-tide in the South Harbour

Rock Pipit

interesting gull?
at first I thought it was a adult Ring-billed Gull?

but I not sure not a 3rd year Herring Gull or something else?

North Cliffs with a bit of snow - panorama -
sort of cool, the Fulmar flew or moved while I panned the camera.

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  1. Just stumbled onto your blog recently - enjoying the photos. Thanks for sharing.