Monday, May 20, 2013

Paul Rapp goes Blotto on Fair Isle

Paul Rapp aka F Lee Harvey Blotto 

Loving Fair Isle!

My friend Paul came to visit Fair Isle.
 He has the distinction of being the drummer for the 1980's band "Blotto"
though now he spend more time as an entertainment lawyer.
The video above was played the very first day MTV was on air.

I also just learned the little know fact that was Paul was the first person ever to be seen wearing a speedo swimsuit on MTV. I think my post on Celebrity Getaways is working already.

The Auld Haa House where Paul was our guest.

Up top Malcombs Head

Putting on the 3rd green, the Hole know as The Fish Dryer.

Playing around on the Fair Isle Light House Keepers Golf Course.
"playing 4 holes here are like playing 18 elsewhere... and you have to try not to hit the sheep!"

Up top the South Lighthouse

View from the South Lighthouse tower.

Climbing down the South Light House tower.

The fog rocks & rolls in.

  Practise set with Fair Isle's Neil Thomson & Ramparts in the garage at the Fair Isle Bird Observatory.
"Those drums have never been hit so hard!"

Made a few new friends & fans.
Away this foggy morning on the Good Shepherd, the Fair Isle Ferry.

Please come Baa-aack!