Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Swinhoe's! Storm! Petrel! Number! Two!

A New Swinhoe's!
Ringing and Documenting Swinhoe's Storm Petrel - Oceanodroma monorhis - August 7th 2013 2:30am. 8th record for Britain - 2nd for Fair Isle and Shetland! Both Fair Isle Records in the past 2 weeks! Caught at night with mist nets and sound recordings. Congrats to Dr Will Miles & Fair Isle Bird Observatory Warden David Parnaby. Also present Shetland Legend Denis Coutts & the young Logan Johnson the only birders to come to Fair Isle in the hope that the 1st Swinhoe's would be recaptured but they were rewarded with a new unringed bird! Amazing to have yet another Asian or Pacific bird.

Video in the FIBO ringing room.

Swinhoe's Video...

David catches up with the Swinhoe's and gets a ringing tick! 

Puffins and Sheep Rock

Small Tourtoiseshell Butterfly found and photographed by Henry.

Great Skua / Bonxie Chick

Two Barred Crossbills
Leach's Storm Petrel   Oceanodroma leucorhoa
It's a record year for ringing the Leach's and I finally got my most dipped bogey bird. TICK!

Leach's... one of 4 caught in 30 minutes!

Leach's has a white rump.

Leach's being released after ringing by Will & Henry.

Hydrobates pelagicus (European) Storm Petrel ringed and ready to be set free.

Magpie Moth on the South Lighthouse wall at Sunset.


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  1. Wonderful .... Thanks for sharing. I have visted northern Scotland in August and have seen sunsets like this ... Memories! ... Richard [Nuneaton - England]