Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fair Isle on TV! and in the Media.

Fair Isle has been on TV and in the media quite a bit in the past 2 weeks.
Here are some links to what has been going on and what to watch!

Paul Murton and Grand Tours of Scotland crew with Liz Musser, Auld Haa garden.
(Episode recorded in late May early June, 2013)
(Fair Isle Blog post from June)

A new episode of Grand Tours of Scotland will premier Monday the Sept 23rd at 7:30 pm.
link to the full episode:

The seasons opener will explorer Fair Isle & Foula. I only know of 2 of the many story segments, I was interviewed by Paul Murton while playing a round on the Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course.

 Also my son Henry Hyndman was a bird guide to Paul Murton at the Holms cliff edges.
Henry knows his birds... Here is a Link to a bit where he features
I'll post a link to the whole story after it airs.

I think he wanted to take a swing at me? 
We had so many takes... I had 3 perfect drives, but I also flubbed quite a few.
So it will be very interesting to see how they decide to edit our golfing? 

In the new "Fabric of Britain" documentary aired last Sunday,
four generations of Fair Islanders can be seen knitting together. Legend!
Fair Isle feature just after the introduction, about 4 minutes in.

Fabric of Britain - The Golden Age of Knitting - BBC Documentary 
Fair Isle knitting segment recorded by Fair Isle's Liz Musser

New Norwegian Documentary on Fair Isle!
Brilliant! a must see video!
A young Fair Islander crew member on a Norwegian tall ship visits Fair Isle and his family. 

The Good Shepherd features in "Shetland".

The new "Shetland" murder mystery TV drama was being shot on location here on Fair Isle.
Only a 2 day shoot on Fair Isle, Sept. 11-12
I was an extra, but I'm pretty sure you'll only see me on the cutting room floor.
Dates to be aired unknown? as is the murderer?

Fair Isle Lighthouse Keepers Golf Course featured in the ROHAN outdoor clothing catalogue.
Here is a link:

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