Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Siberian Ruby Throat - Fair Isle - Day 2

Siberian Ruby Throat
The bird is still here! More approachable and in sunlight! Everyone who wanted got photos and amazing views. I took some video, but my 12 year old son Henry took all the photos posted while he was out birding with his friend Logan. Amazing! Stunning! Incredible!


Siberian Ruby Throat is a 10th record for Britain...
5th record for Fair Isle.
The first British record was first year male found on Fair Isle - Oct. 11th, 1975. 
The next 3 have been rather plain females.
This is the first Red Male seen on Fair Isle!

Henry, Logan & I had great views!
Here is a link to Logan's blog post about it:

a few other birds today...
Short Eared Owl

Paddyfield Warbler in the Barkland field.

Paddyfield Warbler in the hand.
caught by the FIBO warden

Yellow Hammer
Great Spotted Woodpecker

A good day birding!

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