Saturday, November 02, 2013

Killer Whales! Video! Five Orca Hunt Seals along the coast of Fair Isle.

Totally Killer!

Amazing video of Orcas hunting Seals in the north east coast and in the North Haven.

I saw at least 5 Orcas at once...

The Orca hunted most of the afternoon on Fair Isle, favouring the sheltered north-eastern coastline due to the gales and high seas raging from the south. After getting a call that Killer Whales were in the North Haven I had to wait over an hour until my wife came home with the car. They were still There! I spent about two hours running around and watching them in the passing rain showers and strong winds while on the cliff edges. They came in an out of the North Haven four times that I know of, I was there to watch twice! Outrageous up close encounters were had by the very few wildlife enthusiast still left on the Isle. I took the video on my pocket camera on video mode using a tripod. The video had no sound as I deleted it because it was nothing but howling winds... Youtube automatically suggest a background music, I assume based on the title and description? Too funny not to use! The images tell it all! 

The circling Orca...

Making waves to wash the seal from the rocks.

Amazing as it was to see... it's dangerous times for a young seal...

make sure to watch the video!


  1. Unable to see video on my iPad but will save it for when I'm back at my computer in couple of weeks. So exciting Tommy.

  2. wow what a great post and video!!

  3. Incredible footage Tommy, music is EPIC.

  4. What a great video! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of our whale watching oban experience. It's really awesome to see those creatures with your own eyes.

  5. Wow, great video Tommy :)
    Wish I could've seen that!!!