Friday, May 09, 2014

What's About?

Cretzy, Where are you hiding now?

The Cretzschmar's Bunting has not been seen in some time and is believed to have moved on. 
But where, no one knows?

Here are a few more unpublished photos I took. 

You may want to watch this video again as we say goodbye to one of the best birds seen in Britain this year.

Yeah! the Caspian Stonechat is still here!

Looking very happy in the garden and fence lines of Upper Leogh Croft.

These guys are also looking really happy!
Fair Isle Bird Observatory Wardens 2014 
 Asst. Warden Cairan Hatsell - Head Warden David Parnaby - Asst. Warden Richard Cope

Also happy! plane loads of Twitchers.
Who successfully saw (and ticked) the rare birds after chartering expensive private planes from London...

A busy Fair Isle landing strip.

Female - Red Breasted Flycatcher


Henry took this photo of his friend and her Caddy Lamb.

Logan & Henry
Logan's blog recap of his day.

The boys looking for a Wood Warbler.

Henry & Henry's Dad.

Da Fishing Hands with Inge!
coming soon!


Inge Thomson:
A bit of Inge's music from her album "Shipwrecks & Static"

The Rock.

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  1. Great one Tommy!
    Be good to see you again soon!