Wednesday, September 03, 2014

As the Simmer Dims

As the Summer fades away to Autumn, I thought I should share some random photos from the Summer months.

Good catch!

New beginnings - Oystercatcher eggs

After a grey day the sun cracks through at the South Lighthouse.

This is how old friends say goodbye...

Plenty of beautiful sunsets.

Cheeky boys just before the green flash.

Music at a Puffinn Party - NTS Thistle Camp

Wedding party golf tournament.

If your golfball finds itself near the rare Oyster-plant, I would say you are going to have to take a stroke, pick it up and move it to the fairway.
Fun for all ages!

Who bought their kid to the Bachelor Party?
This is before it things went wild...

Congratulations to Karen & Inness Thomson!
Fair Isle loves you!
Florrie's Flowers

Fishing with Kenny


Auld Haa House

People are always surprised to find Lily-pads and Goldfish in the Auld Haa Garden Pond.

Willow Warbler

"Happy Tommy" and 3 young artist travelling the world with the Clipperton Project.

I hope, I painted a pretty picture of Summer on Fair Isle.

Who nose!
What we will see this Autumn?


  1. Beautiful painting of your island in summer. I hope to visit again some day soon.