Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fair Isle Landscape Photographs - January 2015

Time to catch up with my Blogging... 
Here are some assorted Fair Isle landscape photos from January.

Aurora - Northern Lights - Jan 2nd 2:35 am.

Auld Haa House
The full Moon and the Northern Lights and a 7 second exposure my for a lovely view of the Haa. 2:22 am.
The Aurora's Curtain of Light.

Ou Stack and the Cliffs off the North Light House at 2:56 am.

Flying to Fair Isle around the squalls of rain.
 Jan 19th

Reminds me of a William Turner painting...

Fair Isle... The plane is getting closer... Jan 19th.

Coming into the Fair Isle landing strip over the North Haven. Jan. 19th.

Steensi Geo - Jan. 24th

Hoini Cliffs - Jan. 24th.

Sunset - Jan. 29th

Looking east, back towards the house. Jan. 29th.

South Lighthouse - Jan. 29th


  1. Beautiful - I can't pick a favorite, but the aurora and moonlight is right up there!

  2. Love that picture of the Auld Haa House and the Aurora, but what were you doing up at 2.22am?

  3. Beautiful pictures, some of them are almost like paintings

  4. Gorgeous - just gorgeous. Thank you. I would love to see the Aurora Borealis someday.

  5. Just gorgeous- thanks!

  6. It took awhile to post... glad you liked it! cheers Tommy

  7. They are all lovely photo's, but my favourite is the one with Auld Haa House and the Aurora.

    All the best Jan