Monday, May 04, 2015

Tawny Pipit! Lifer! Fair Isle Tick!

Tawny Pipit 

It's a Lifer and a Fair Isle Tick for me!

I was driving back from the Fair Isle landing strip, where my son just headed out late for school after a morning of fog. A car was stopped in the middle of the road, I could see the passenger had his binoculars up looking at something? I couldn't see it? I was chequeing the sky for the Osprey I had hear about at the plane... then I saw a big pale pipit in the grass? I has told it was probably a Tawny or maybe a Richard's Pipit? good thing I didn't beep! like so many people do to me when I'm looking at a bird... I didn't have my bins or camera with me at the time. (I always live to regret that.) The bird flew away with out a positive ID. Refound later by the FIBO staff who called me and I got better views and photographs! hooray!

Some of the Fibo Staff and Seabird Researchers - Fair Isle twitching on the Houll near Shirva.

Blue skies and a sunny afternoon!

Thank You! Tawny Pipit!

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  1. Birds must get the best welcome ever when they visit Fair Isle!