Friday, November 25, 2016

Fair Isle - Living on the Edge - Documentary BBC One

Fair Isle, Shetland subject of a new BBC Documentary

Monday Night BBC One - 9:00 pm.
watch this...

Here is a photo from the up coming show. taken by Louise Lockwood
Henry and I feature a little but on a island we are bound to have a few sound bites.
The show was shot on Fair Isle over the course of a year and speaks to some of the realities of life living in Britain's most remote community of just 55 souls. For more info look at some of the media stories below.


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  2. Snow?? Beautiful photo but cold!! thank you!!

  3. my great grandfather was born on Fair Isle back in the 1860's and It is a haunting island that seems to captures the hearts of the many who have their roots there ...but I think the life is very hard and I am not sure many could survive the change to their daily lives .

  4. I enjoyed the programmes. It btought back some memories of two visits a few years ago. A fantastic place to visit and some great birds.
    A bit different to Dungeness!

  5. I loved watching these programmes. My parents lived on Fair Isle in the late 1950's /early 1960's and I spotted them (and myself as a toddler!) in the clips from that time in the second episode.

  6. Thank you to all the people who took part in the series, it was a privliege to have an insight into your lives. I loved learning a bit about Fair Isle knitting and how the tradition is being preserved. Good luck to you all!

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