Saturday, November 19, 2016

International Fair Isle Kep Day! November 19th 2016

Today a small group of  Fair Islanders met at community hall to show off their Keps and knitwear. Plus it was a great reason to gather for tea and cakes on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

International Fair Isle Kep Day

for more info and to buy a pattern join the facebook page.
The Fair Isle Fisherman's Kep Page

My personal hand knit Fair Isle Kep Collection 

What a lovely day
 you can't complain about too much Sun when it sets at 4 pm. this time of year.

This is my pride and joy.
It's all natural undyed Fair Isle wool hand spun by Stuart Thomson and hand knit and designed by the legend Annie Thomson.

Some people look better in my my hats than I do. 

Hip hip!

Hurray! it's International Kep Day!