Friday, August 18, 2017

It's Time to Say Goodbye to the Puffins

I felt lucky to take this Photo today,
or even see a Puffin this late in August.

I have been in the States for the past 2 weeks, and thought the Puffins would be gone before I got back. But today huge numbers were flying around the northern cliffs below the South Lighthouse. Fabulous sight to remember until Spring. I am enjoying being back on Fair Isle and it is always nice to get out for a walk with my camera and my friend Graham.


last taste of dirt for awhile....

A stunning landscape like this is hard to leave.

Wheatear on my Wire Bird Sculpture 

My Wire Bird Sculpture stuck in a post along the north lighthouse road.

Goose Barnacles

Beach Bones

Sheep Rock

Love Fair Isle

Goodbye Puffins! Be careful this Winter out at Sea...


  1. WONDERFUL set of photos. Thank you, Tommy, for sharing!!! Cannot wait to see a puffin in person!!

  2. Where do they go when they leave Fair Isle?

  3. Great shots and lovely scenery Tommy, and nice to see you on the telly.
    All the best, Gordon.

  4. These are all wonderful photographs you've shared with us.

    All the best Jan

  5. Great shots. Watching from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Born the daughter of Douglas Stout, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When I was young, my Grandmother,
    Edna, Laura Stout, bought an Island in Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada, and named it "Fair Isle". She was in her 70's. That's how I learned the connection. Our family went to "Fair Isle" for many years. Now I'm wondering about visiting your beautiful island. The websites are fantastic. Would love to meet "Stouts". as I don't know any here. This comment will appear as "David McConkey" (Irish!), who is my husband. My grandmother was Laura Edna Stout, in Canada. Am encouraging my brother (the only remaining male Stout in our family) to sign up for the DNA testing. Hello to all the Stouts in Fair Isle!! Meg McConkey, nee Stout.

  6. Love the photos Tommy....what a beautiful life you must lead on such a stunning island.

  7. Those are beautiful photos! Nature at it's finest..