Sunday, April 14, 2019

Puffins & Lambs - It's that time of Year!

Hello! We're back! 
Did you miss me?

Spread your Wings!
Puffins ashore for the first time this year.

Puffin Puckering Up. Kiss Kiss.

Dark billed Puffin Fresh from the Sea.

Puffin Wings

Reflections Through Wings

Puffin Beak Orange Sunset

Ram & Ewe 

Momma and Babes

Wee Triplet Lamb Runt. x

Jimmy's Lambs


  1. Always love to see your wonderful photographs, so yeah in a way I missed you. Too bad the video doesn't want to play but I'll return another time and hopefully see the lambs dancing around their moms ... :-))

  2. Hi Tommy,
    Just watched a documentary about you on the island.
    We are from South Africa and totally intrigued by what we saw.
    We are definitely planning to visit and will be in touch.

  3. 191 birds is an amazing total for a garden anywhere!