Friday, August 07, 2020

Summer Romance

While Puffins are having their Summer Romances.
I'm certainly not!
At what age did the idea of a Summer Romance die with you? Puffins can live for 30 to 40 years having Summer Romances often with the same partner year after year. When mid-August comes, they both go out to Sea with all the other Puffins scattered to the winds, living apart until next Spring. This works for them somehow? I'm just saying you can learn stuff from watching wildlife. Though for me personally, the island has no suitable mate, the island is perfect for hopeless romantics looking to live a more authentic lifestyle.

Just look at some of my photos from the past couple of weeks. enjoy!

   Spending time with Puffins is one of the great joys I have had during all the isolation and distancing. I am trying to spend as much time as I can to enjoy the quirky cuteness of these wonderful creatures. The Puffins are leaving soon and I'm feeling an anticipated loss already.

A Good Catch is Hard to Find!

Father & Son Clipping Sheep

Happiness is a full string of Mackerel!

Greater Sandeel

Kenny with a Full String too!
Buckets Full! Shared around the Isle.

Dark Face Puffin
unusual to see on land in Winter or youth plumage.

Feeling at home is important!

Ready to go! in the biggest truck on Fair Isle.


The Legend of Lukki Minni

Island Lover!

Sheep Rock


  1. You have such an idyllic life on the island! Quite jealous you've had the opportunity to do this. It would be my dream life! I'll have to keep living vicariously through your blog and FB posts.

    1. Why do you have to live vicariously? cut the anchors!

  2. Gorgeous photos, as usual. Thanks.

  3. Where can I buy myself an authentic Fair Isle sweater from over here in the U.S.?