Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Fair Isle Lamb & Beach Art

Limpet Lamb - Found Object Beach Art

Little Lamb Detail


Perriwinkle Heart

Fair Isle Knitwear Pattern

Colour Transition


South Harbour

You can almost hear nothing it's so calm,
and then a Fulmar cackles and laughs.

After Glow

My Painting of the South Harbour at Sunset

Rare Fair Isle painting without Green or Blue paint.
(The canvas was painted blue underneath before I started)

Acrylic on Canvas - size A4 - For sale in my Art Gallery

                       Smile of the Fulmar on a pleasant afternoon...

Watching the Sunset waiting for the lighthouse to come on.

Fair Isle 


Good Night South Light


  1. I absolutely love your photos, such beauty, peace and light. As successive locked down in grey suburbia they are genuinely soul reviving

  2. .Love your island Tommy. Would dearly love to visit when it is safe to do so. poemblogtwentyfour.blogspot.com is out by the way, as usual Scottish islands and nature feature quite a lot.

  3. I love your island 😍❤️

  4. I loved watching the fair isle on tv 09/03/21 you with Ben. Your a wonderful human, what a lovely place to live your love of your son is beautiful

  5. I too collect heart stones...am going to do the same and throw out a few to share some love to the world..it does return, I'm sure of that. Happy Days 😊

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