Saturday, November 20, 2010

Redpoll - Deadpoll


Their has been about a dozen Redpolls in and out of my garden for weeks but as hard as I try, I can't get close enough for a good clear close up photo. It's not like they are eating out of my hands. LOL! I have been trying to photo this one very red breasted Redpoll in particular... but as you can see I'm to far away and by the time I crop in on the photo its not as sharp as I wish.

This is the best and closest photo I've been able to capture of this bird.

I like this photo it is a nice Fair Isle photo with a pretty bird with the Methodist Chapel in the background. I was hoping to get a better portrait of the bird though... Little did I know that I wasn't the only one keying on the birds beautiful red breast. Today as the light was fading I found this!


Dead but not eaten. CATS! To put a human face on this is one of over 50,000,000 birds killed in Britain by cats this year. The USA is said to have over a billion birds killed by domestic cats every year. Feral cats who knows? Yes cats have wild and natural instincts but pets are a species introduced by man or woman to ecosystems... even if it's only your garden. This stuff really bothers me and this is not how I wanted to get my close up. I really want my blog to be a positive experience so I'm going end my post with a photo of a different Redpoll that is hopefully still alive. Cheers


  1. Lovely photos & blog
    couldn't agree with you more on cats

  2. What absolutely stunning wee birds, except the poor dead one. I feel the same way about cats.

  3. magnifico blog! me encanta las fotos de los pajaros.