Monday, December 06, 2010

South Lighthouse & Sheep Snuggling Birds

 South Lighthouse - Skaden, Fair Isle in Snow.

While taking a beautiful but brisk sunrise walk I took these photos. About 9am. a still lit lighthouse in the snow. You can see the Heron I unknowingly flushed from the tidepools flying away. Snow doesn't usually stay very long on Fair Isle because we are so close to the Sea, but with northern winds it has manage to hang around longer than normal. It was quite bitter cold out and had to laugh at the Starlings all snug in the wool stealing body heat from the back of this Ewe (female sheep) I bet she had a cold nose trying to find some grass to eat. I have seen many Starlings and occasionally other birds use Sheep as vantage points to look for food but never this? Trying to get a bit closer I was totally surprised by the bird's voice and its fanned tail as it took flight... Hey one of those Starlings is a Blackbird!
 The Sheep Snugglers
They were really quite snug in the wool but just lifted their heads up as I was getting closer to take this photo.


  1. Great photo, Tommy! Never seen the view at South Light looking that, mind you i've never been on Fair Isle in December!

  2. The lighthouse is so beautifully lit by the morning sun. I think the starling and blackbird have the right idea; they look pretty cozy.

  3. That's a first!! Blackbirds snuggling a sheep! And it makes perfect sense too!