Sunday, February 19, 2012

First snow of the year.

Auld Haa House -
A dusting of hail & corn snow fell on Fair Isle last night.

The road above the South Harbou & the Walli Burn.

South Harbour viewed from the Chapel.
At the Chapel today Henry age 11, plays the organ for one hymn.
It was said he was possible the youngest ever organist in Fair Isle's history?
Yesterday this Little Gull flies over the Auld Haa garden.

Also yesterday in the garden we saw this very wet and bedraggled bird of prey...
Peregrine or Merlin? I didn't see it in flight or get aside view.


  1. Dear Tommy - it looks like a Merlin to me. A Peregrine has a white bib, however, I am no expert. Lovely photos with the scattering of snow - keep warm all of you.

  2. Donald and Maureen19 February 2012 at 21:32

    Good job Henry

  3. that's a Black-headed Gull Tommy - silvery panel on the forewing and 'sharp' wing shape amongst other features.

    1. I've never seen or heard of a Blackheaded Gull that small with black underwing amongst other features? I know it's a rubbish photo, I saw it in the field... fly out of the South Harbour amoung other gulls then over Meoness, my garden and over to Malcolms Head. are you sure from that photo?

  4. Playing the organ is getting to be a lost art. Our church ended up getting rid of the organ because no one could play it.

  5. positive Tommy - the 'dark' underwing is shadowing, and it's ID'able as BHG on shape alone. And as mentioned the silver panel along the forewing is diagnostic.