Friday, May 11, 2012

Barn Swallows & Bluethroats! Bird!

Barn Swallow - Hirundo rustica
 I love the Barn Swallows! and this maybe my best photo this Spring, I look forward to the Swallows return every year and of all the birds I see here this species always reminds me of growing up in the USA. Yes, we had (Eurasian) House Sparrows there as well as Starlings. But It seems the Barn Swallows are truly a bird of the world and everyone must love to watch them fly but to see them sit still is amazing too.

Female - House Sparrow
Male - House Sparrow
Driving home after helping to unload the Good Shepherd Ferry  in the North Haven I see a little bird dart across the road in front of the car as i'm heading up the hill by the Bird Obs. A flash of red in the tail made me think Redstart for a instant but the tail had black tips! Bluethroat! Plus it helps to have already of known 2 Bluethroats have been seen on Isle an one had been delighting folks in the Obs garden for the past few days. But if it is going to make it's self known and sit out in the open... I'll stop to get a better view & a record shot...
What a stunner!
Male - Bluethroat - Luscinia svecica
Male - Common Redstart
Just one of the many birds around I can't get a decent record photo of....
Lapland, Reed & Snow Bunting have all alluded my camera... haven't even seen the Ortolan Bunting!
One of the many Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs on the South Harbour beach.
A tried Barn Swallow resting & warming it's self on the beach after a long flight.
Male - Brambling
Female - Brambling
Male - Pied Flycatcher
White Wagtail
Male - Goldeneye

I saw my first Goldeneye in the South Harbour after Stuart Wilson's funeral a little over a year ago... and since then they have been seemingly much more common here and it's a nice reminder. cheers!

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