Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Snapshots... on Vacation, Cotton Lake, Minnesota, USA

Bald Eagle
 Here are a few Fishing & Wildlife highlights that I managed to get photos of.... 
We have seen and caught so much more, everywhere we look is a feast for the eyes.... enjoy!

Never seen or heard so many Loons!


Cotton Lake

Northern Pike

Large Mouth Bass

this is not a Monarch - Monarch Mimic.

Male Monarch 

Fishing at sunset
Liz & Karen on the Pontoon boat.
The booze cruise...

Cove Heitman driving the Minnesota Cadillac.

Cove teaches Henry how to clean fish. Yum!

Northern Pike locally called Snakes or Hammer Handles

Pelican & Fosters Tern, Cove & Karen's place is the brown house to the left of the Pelican head.

Not sure of this Butterfly's name, as I only brought a bird guide.

Painted Turtle


Young Baltimore Oriole.
& a very cute15 Spotted Ground Squirrel


  1. Wonderful photos thanks for sharing. We just got back from staying nine days at a friends cottage so it's bringing back some memories.

  2. That Butterfly looks to me like a Question Mark. (very similar to our Comma)

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