Thursday, September 27, 2012

Richard's Pipit & other Birds & Jellyfish

Richard's Pipit Anthus richardi
Deryk caught this bird by hand! After watch a following the bird for some time. The bird was seen entering a hiding spot in the Wali Burn near my house, he stuck his hand in under the overhang and like a magician and his hat he pulled out the rare bird. The bird was caught & ringed yesterday evening and seen again today. 

Besides Richard's Pipit there was plenty of other interesting birds around...
Paddyfield, Lanceolated, Arctic Warblers, Olive-backed Pipit, etc.
 but no further sightings of the Magnolia Warbler...

Little Bunting
Roadside Lapland Bunting

Redpoll in Driveway

Female - Blackcap

Can I log into my Facebook?
Inquisitive Lesser Whitethroat at my window.
South Harbour Shags

Jellyfish invasion in the North Haven Henry found 2 species we still have to research.
If you can help with the ID please let us know?

I had another major lifer tick this week! The Big Five Oh!

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